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Basic Map Of Haad Rin

...and street name index.

I’m not a professional cartographer, so the maps featured in the Haad Rin Guide Book won’t win any awards for graphic design.  However, the locations of hotels, hostels, restaurants and other landmarks are accurate, so the maps in the guide book should be a practical help for first time visitors to Haad Rin.

Where maps have been included, their purpose is to help you find your way around Haad Rin, so rather than use the official Thai street names, I’ve referred to streets and lanes by their 'unofficial' backpacker names.  This should be more helpful for finding your way around, as for example the term ‘Restaurant Lane’ will mean more than ‘Soi Tonson’.

As an example, here’s the first map from the guide book which is a basic map of Haad Rin:

To see the map in full size, click anywhere on the map.  Or you can download the map using 'right click > Save Image As/Save Picture As'.

Rather than squeeze all the hotels, hostels, restaurants, and other businesses onto one map, the guide book instead features several maps with each focusing on one area of Haad Rin, and/or one theme, i.e. hotels, hostels, restaurants, etc.

To complement the map shown above and also the maps in the guide book, here’s a brief index of some of the key street names and place names used:

Sunrise Beach:
Haad Rin has two beaches, but the main beach is Sunrise Beach and this is also the most popular sunbathing beach of Haad Rin.

Cactus Lane:
This is the street which heads from Chicken Corner down to Cactus Bar on Sunrise Beach.  It’s generally the main access point if heading to Sunrise Beach from Haad Rin Village.

Chicken Corner:

Chicken Corner is a crossroads at the top of Cactus Lane not far from Sunrise Beach and arguably the focal point of Haad Rin Village.

Sunset Beach:
Sunset Beach is divided into two by a small rocky foothill, with the top half of the beach located on the coastal road from Thong Sala, and the bottom half of the beach located on the sunset side of Haad Rin Village.

Restaurant Lane:
Restaurant Lane is home to several reasonably priced family run restaurants.  It connects Sunrise Lane to Hostel Lane, and most of the restaurants are located towards the Hostel Lane end of the street, but the road starts at Greenpeace Restaurant on the corner with Sunrise Lane.

Hostel Lane:
Hostel Lane is fairly central in Haad Rin village and connects Sunset Lane with Restaurant Lane.  As the name suggests there are several hostels located here.

Haad Rin Lake:
This is a murky pool of water behind Restaurant Lane and next to Haad Rin Arena which official maps generously describe as a ‘lake’.

Haad Rin Pier:

Most visitors to Koh Pha Ngan arrive at Thong Sala which is seven kilometres up the coast from Haad Rin, but one exception is the Haad Rin Queen ferry from Big Buddha Beach on Koh Samui which arrives in Haad Rin at Haad Rin Pier.

Taxi Drop Off Point:

Most visitors to Koh Pha Ngan arrive at Thong Sala, so if you catch a songthaew taxi from Thong Sala to Haad Rin then the taxi drop off point is the approximate area where most taxis drop off their passengers.

A more detailed list of street names is available in the Haad Rin Guide Book, together with many more detailed maps focusing on specific areas of Haad Rin and its surrounds.

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