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The best way for the top accommodation places to flourish is by word of mouth and by leaving positive reviews on the internet.

If you discover any cool hotels, resorts, guest houses or hostels during your time on Koh Phangan, then please leave a comment below.

Similarly, if you receive bad service somewhere then leave a comment below, but try to be constructive, objective and informative, and avoid just having an angry rant.

All comments and recommendations regarding hotels and hostels are appreciated, and will be considered when updating future editions of the Haad Rin Guide Book.

Haad Rin Guide Book includes listings for the majority of hotels and hostels in Haad Rin, as well as a few additional accommodation options around the island of Koh Phangan.  The guide book also includes clickable links to some of the best and most respected accommodation booking websites on the internet, to help make planning your visit to Haad Rin as straight forward and convenient as possible.

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Haad Rin Guide Book is available for free during an initial promotional period:
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