Saturday, 27 June 2015

Map Of Haad Rin Hostels

Before booking your Haad Rin acommodation, check out the locations of all of Haad Rin's hostels.

Haad Rin Guide Book features various maps focusing on the various locations in and around Haad Rin, such as Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach, Leela Beach, Haad Rin Village, etc.  Also included are maps focusing on a specific theme, such as hostels, hotels and restaurants.

You can check out all of the maps in the Haad Rin Guide Book, but to give you an idea of what to expect, here's a map of the hostels found in Haad Rin.

To view the map at full size, click anywhere on the map.  Or you can download the map using 'right click > Save Image As/Save Picture As'.

Haad Rin is only a small village, so for example to get from Haad Rin Pier (43 on the map key) to Sunrise Beach is only a five miniute walk.  Some of the resorts at the top end of Sunset Beach (shown on a separate map in the guide book) are a ten to fifteen minute walk from Sunrise Beach, but wherever you stay in Haad Rin you're within walking distance of Sunrise Beach.  And as you can see from the above map, most of the hostels in Haad Rin Village are more or less within a five minute walk of Sunrise Beach.

As mentioned, many more detailed maps focusing on specific areas of Haad Rin and its surrounds are included in the Haad Rin Guide Book.  You can buy the guide book for kindle from Amazon:
Haad Rin Guide Book for kindle

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