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If you're considering hiring a jetski while in Thailand then be aware that the Official Government Travel Advice for the United States, Canada, Australia and Ireland all warn against hiring jetskis in Thailand.  The following website provides further details regarding jetski scams in Thailand:

Phuket and Pattaya are the worst places for jetski scams and the scale of the problem isn't anywhere near as bad on Koh Phangan, but there have still been some reports of tourists encountering problems.

However, many backpackers on Koh Phangan have enjoyed a problem free jetski experience, so if you hire a jetski problem free while on Koh Phangan then please leave a comment below, so that honest jetski operators can be highlighted.  Also, if you get overcharged for minor damage or experience other problems, then please also leave some feedback below in order to warn other backpackers and tourists which jetski operators to avoid.

People have also been ripped off when hiring scooters in Thailand, so if you hire a scooter from an honest scooter hire company on Koh Phangan, then please leave a comment to help promote honest reputable hire companies and advise other backpackers on which hire companies to use.  Likewise, if you encounter problems with a scooter hire company then again please leave feedback to warn other backpackers of the hire companies to avoid.

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