Monday, 8 December 2014

The Fire Skipping Rope

Don't try this at home!

Drunken backpackers getting burnt on the fire skipping rope.
Visitors to Haad Rin will know that fire related activities play a big part in the nightly entertainment at the bars and clubs on Haad Rin Sunrise Beach.  For the benefit of those who have never the witnessed the fire skipping rope, just as the name suggests, it involves drunken backpackers attempting to skip over a skipping rope which is set on fire.

Generally speaking, as the night wears on and party goers get more and more drunk, people gradually get less concerned for their own personal safety, so you often find that the number of volunteers increases later in the evening.  You also find that as people get more drunk their co-ordination skills go downhill, so if ou enjoy watching people get burnt then the best time to watch the fire skipping rope is later in the evening!

In all seriousness it doesn't take a genius to work out that although it's very entertaining, the fire skipping rope can also be dangerous.  If you're considering giving it a go, I therefore recommend watching the following fire skipping rope compilation video as a warning of the potential dangers involved...

There's a section about the fire skipping rope included in the Haad Rin Guide Book, and it talks about the varying degrees of risk, and what to be particularly careful of.

You can buy the 'Haad Rin Guide Book' for kindle from Amazon:

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